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HOXA Membership Application


Minutes of the General Body Meeting of HOXA (Jan 27, 2012)


Objectives of HOXA:


HOXA Byelaws:


The Central Executive Council of HOXA

      President:    Harsh Varma varma_rico@yahoo.com +91 94311 40729     

         Secretary:    Hamza Naqvi syed.naqvi@bankofindia.co.in  +91 94315 47593

Joint Secretary:    Israrul Haque  ihaque21@yahoo.co.in     +9194317 96746      

         Treasurer:    Dhiraj Jain cadhirajjain@gmail.com    +91 94313 65566      

   Principal:   Fr. P. J. James, S. J. sxshzb@gmail.com  +91 94313 66993