In Memory

Koshy Mathew S. J.

On Tuesday 27 May, at Fortis Escort hospital, Ranchi, Fr. Koshy Mathew died after a short illness. He had been unwell for some days and while under treatment he suffered a fatal heart attack. He was 69 years.

Fr. Koshy left his native Kerala in 1965 to join the Hazaribag Jesuit Fathers. His initial training was in Sitagarha. He later studied at Loyola College, Chennai where he passed his B.Sc.Mathematics.

He was associated with the school on a number of occasions. In 1975 – 76 , the last years before the boarding facilities were discontinued, Fr. Koshy taught at the school and was in charge of a dormitory. He returned to St. Xavier’s in the summer of 1980 and in the next  two years, his reputation as a good Maths teacher was well established. It was during these years that his talent for administration was also noticed when he was made Minister – manager of the domestic affairs of the Jesuit community – where his care of everything to do with the board and lodging of the Jesuit fathers’ community and the care of guests was noticed. In addition to his teaching posts he was to be appointed to this administrative post five times during his career. The various Jesuit Fathers were always glad to have him as a colleague.

Fr. Koshy is remembered by his students as a calm, friendly man, with a talent for explaining Maths clearly. He was also a favourite with his Jesuit colleagues especially when he was managing their residences.

Fr. Koshy taught Maths and had a hand in administration not only in St. Xavier’s, Hazaribag,  but also in St. Xavier’s, Bokaro Steel, St.Robert’s High School, Hazaribag, St Joseph’s,  Mahuadanr and in his last years in St. Joseph’s, Tarwa. Just a few weeks before his last illness the Matriculation exam result of the Tarwa school showed  a gratifying Maths performance.

In Fr. Koshy’s untimely death the education work of the Hazaribag Jesuit Fathers has lost a well liked and talented teacher, and his Jesuit colleagues mourn the loss of a good friend.

On Saturday 31 May Fr.Koshy’s last rites will be  performed in the chapel of St Stanislaus College, Sitagarha, where his Jesuit career began, and  his remains will be interred in the Jesuit cemetery nearby.

Info provided by Fr. Bill Dwyer and Fr. James PJ

Fr. Koshy: Some photos

Fr Koshy is on the extreme left in the back row (photo courtesy Bhibuti K Shrivastava '75)

please click on pic for full screen view


Photos from the Funeral

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31/05/14 08:06 PM #9    

Prasenjit Banerjee (1969)

I am sorry learn of the demise of a holy man a priest.  I did not have the occasion to study under him from 1959-1969 and still feel the loss RIP

Prasenjit Banerjee 1969

01/06/14 04:40 PM #10    

Swapan Samanta (1968)

Although I was not a student of father Matthews I am pained and saddened to hear of his untimely death and a loss to S.J.. My condolences are with his family and loved ones. RIP father.

Swapan Samanta 1968.

01/06/14 10:15 PM #11    

Amitava Sarkar (Stylo) (1971)

Convey my condolences to his family and the loved one. May his soul rest in peace.
Stylo ( Amitava Sarkar)

01/06/14 10:20 PM #12    

Sarda Nath (1983)

RIP Fr. Koshy. An era of SXS, with which I could connect & associate, is slowly fading away. Very thoughtful of the one who has shared the staff photo of 1975 - brought vivid memories of SXS. 

01/06/14 10:23 PM #13    

Raghavendra Rao (1962)

Dear Fr James,

I reckon that we had left School by the time Fr. Koshy Mathew joined, but the family feeling of a loss is no less emotional. I  feel for him, his family and friends  and the loss to the School.

I see that his students remember him as a nice man, an excellent teacher and an efficient administrator. A true Xaverian. Fr Koshy, obviously was revered by all.

May his soul rest in  peace - my humble condolences Father.


Brig (Retd) Raghavendra Rao (1962 batch)


01/06/14 11:39 PM #14    

Sudhir Kumar Roy (1985)


02/06/14 11:08 AM #15    

Dharmesh Sharan (1983)

My sincere condolences and prayer for the departed soul!  

02/06/14 08:07 PM #16    

Charles Kujur (1968)

Very sad to loose such a fine person at such a relatively early age by today's standards. May his soul rest in peace.

03/06/14 09:10 AM #17    

Tom Mundakel (1978)

Fr. Koshi taught me Maths and was a close friend of my Dad, Mr. Thomas, who was his colleague while at SXS. I remember him once telling my Dad, that I needed to do better at math and that "Maths is one of those subjects where it is  possible to get 100% marks". Although I never got close to 100% at math while at SXS, his message stayed with me, helped me do well while in high school, and now I tell my nieces and nephews to try and get full marks in every subject and maybe in everything in life. Fr. Koshi's simple lessons will  live on and continue to touch the lives of thousands of his students and their families. R. I. P. Dear Father. 

10/08/15 05:53 PM #18    

Sanjay Prasad (1983)

I joined SXS in the year Jan. 1976 in Std.4, as a boarder. Fr. Mathew was in charge of our dormitory. R.I.P. Dear Father.


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